Thymus therapy is generally understood as treatment with active substances of the thymus gland (thymosins). As the center of the body’s defense, the thymus gland monitors and controls the immune response of the body and influences the aging process. The goal of every thymus therapy is to strengthen or normalize the body’s own defense.

Every living organism has an immune system, a kind of “private police” to ward off diseases. It is very well oranisiert and consists of different, on defense specialized blood cells and messenger substances. The whole system strives to destroy pathogens from the outside as quickly as possible. If the immune system is intact, an outbreak of the disease can be prevented. However, if the “invaders” (viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.) are too strong, the person becomes ill.

There are several reasons for this:

  • The decline of the defenses in old age is a natural progress. In the puberty, the thymus reaches its full potential. Thereafter, the production of thymosins, these thymus drugs that are so important for defense, is steadily decreasing. At the age of 50, we only have 20% of the amount compared to puberty. By the age of 70, the thymus has almost completely stopped working. This means that the immune system needs help, especially in the second half of life. Thymus extracts ensure that enough thymosins are available for the body in order not to lose the defense against viruses, bacteria, etc.
  • For chronic inflammations, such as the respiratory tract, prolonged intake of antibiotics or dysfunction of the vital body organs, the immune system must do hard work. No wonder that many of these patients are susceptible to infection, feel weak and frail, and are diminished in performance.
  • Diseases of the rheumatic group lead to a kind of “revolution of the immune system”: Body cells, which fight illnesses in healthy humans, are directed against the own body and bring thus the vital defense functions upside down. With the thymus cure you give your body the necessary support in the regulation of this disorder.
  • Wear (osteoarthritis) and chronic inflammation of the joints are also a stress test for the immune system. The thymosins in the thymus extract stimulate the protein metabolism and help in the natural purification of the joints: swelling, redness and pain decline.
  • Eczema and other skin conditions are increasingly attributed to environmental toxins and growing UVA radiation of the sun. The thymus ingredients stimulate the cell metabolism of the skin and help in the formation of new healthy skin cells.
  • Mental conditions such as depression, stress and excessive demands affect the performance of the immune system: pathogens can gain the upper hand, the susceptibility to infections increases.
  • Serious illnesses and surgeries weaken the whole body and especially the immune system. Therefore, e.g. after surgery even a banal cold can have serious consequences. The thymus ingredients strengthen the immune system and shorten the recovery phase after major surgery or treatment.

The thymus agents are so-called immunomodulators. This means that they can be used in all “malfunction” of the defense system.

Here are some examples of diseases that respond well to thymic therapy:

  • Defense weakness or susceptibility to infection
  • Diseases of the rheumatic type
  • Eczema and other chronic skin conditions
  • Mental states of exhaustion and lethargy
  • Pre- and post-treatment of serious diseases
  • Before and after major operations

Blood tests give the most accurate information about the immune system. However, there are also signs that you can look for yourself:

  • Quick fatigue and lack of vigor
  • Susceptibility to infection and prolonged disease duration
  • Wound healing disorders

The thymus gland lies behind the sternum. Already from birth special active ingredients (thymus peptides) are produced there. These thymus peptides (or thymosines) control the function of defense cells in the thymus gland and throughout the organism. These are trained, among others, in the thymus gland, which tasks they should undertake in defensive combat – e.g. whether they should support or suppress reactions. If there is a balance in the number of these opposing blood cells, the immune system will respond normally: invaders will be warded off and overreactions (e.g., allergies) will not occur.

Thymus extract is not a cell compound (= fresh cell), but a high-quality glandular extract. It contains no additives and preservatives and is manufactured in a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical laboratory under sterile conditions.

Before and after production, a comprehensive control program is completed. The gentle process of “shock freezing” guarantees the full effectiveness of the thymus extract. Immediately before the injection, the ampoules are thawed out of the cold sleep.

The treatment is usually performed on an outpatient basis (in practice). The “classic thymus cure” consists of 10 to 15 injections administered over a period of 2 to 5 weeks. The application takes place in the gluteal muscle and is virtually painless. Depending on the clinical picture, this therapy scheme can be changed. In some chronic diseases, the therapy can be improved by additional injections (1-2 times a week over 2-3 months).

The active ingredients of this natural remedy are thymus peptides, similar to those produced by each thymus gland itself – but often in an inadequate amount. Since in the thymus extract no long-chain protein molecules are contained, but only the active ingredients, the compounds are very well tolerated. Only occasionally redness or itching occur at the injection site, which usually subsides without treatment. In very rare cases, there may be allergic reactions.

Therefore, we perform a subcutaneous skin test before each series of injections to be sure that the extracts are well tolerated.

The thymus therapy has a long-term effect. Already after 2-3 weeks an improvement of the general condition can be determined. The most important thing with this treatment is the possible long-term effect on the immune system: If the immune cells function in the required way, no disturbances can be expected. A big step towards “health” is done.