In her country of origin, herbal therapy is the most important method of therapy in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

In Germany, it has only been used to a significant extent in the past 20 years. TCM has a very rich drug kit. Today there are about 5600 officinal, i.e. in the official Pharmacopoeia of the V.R.China taken, drugs of plant, animal and mineral origin.

Out of this abundance of active ingredients, above all, about 300 medicinal plants are used very frequently.

The Chinese herbal therapy is integrated into the theoretical building of Chinese medicine. Unlike ours, Chinese medicinal plants are characterized by certain “qualitative” characteristics:

  • the direction of action in the body (lifting, lowering, …)
  • the temperature quality (warm, cold, …)
  • the taste (sweet, salty, …)
  • the organ relatedness (effect on the heart, lungs, …)
  • and above all by their position or importance in the formulation (lead medicine, assistant medicine, messenger medicine, etc.)

A herbal mixture is always put together individually and partly changed in the course of treatment and adapted to the changed clinical picture.

Rarely we do prescribe ready-made medicines in the form of herbal compresses. As a rule, however, we prescribe herbal mixtures, for which you will always receive an exact cooking instruction from the pharmacy. The preparation is therefore simple and easy.