While today’s medicine is primarily the treatment of existing diseases, medicine in China and in all ancient cultures has been primarily concerned with maintaining good health. A balanced diet naturally played a central role in the prevention of disease.

“Your food should be your cure!”,

already taught Hippocrates in ancient times.

The importance of having a healthy and balanced diet for the wellbeing and health of the individual should be well known today. Malnutrition is the main cause of obesity and the so-called civilization diseases. Extensive study results of recent years of nutritional therapy are of primary importance in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.

Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal disorders and even cancers are closely related to obesity and poor eating habits. They could be avoided and healed if we paid more attention to the things we let into ourselves, which means developing a natural sense of food that is healthy and wholesome for us.

In our practice, we offer a flexible and effective nutritional consultation geared to the needs of the individual patient. Here, both concepts of traditional Chinese dietetics (nutrition after the five phases of change) and current findings of modern nutritional science are taken into account.

Do you have a specific ailment and would like competent advice on how to support the healing process by choosing the right foods?

Or do you suffer from a general impairment of physical and mental well-being, which manifests itself in pronounced tiredness, listlessness and reduced performance?

In this case, a gentle purification and deacidification of the body would be recommended first, to regain new strength and energy. With this type of fasting you abstain from all acid-forming food and beverages for a limited time, without the need to “starve”. The fact that the pounds are also falling, is just a nice side effect. If you would like to go one step further and want to forgo all food and beverages for a certain period of time, you can ask us for advice on the subject of therapeutic fasting.

You may just want to reduce your weight and are disappointed with one-sided diets, suspicious of ever-changing and sometimes conflicting nutritional concepts.

For us, first of all, it is not so much the what and how much of your diet, but the when, that is in the foreground. Numerous scientific studies in recent years have confirmed the health-promoting and revitalizing effects of intermittent and therapeutic fasting. Above all, the daily observance of waiting periods works wonders, as it activates the “garbage collection and recycling function” built into each of our cells.

We offer you flexible nutritional models based on a 16/8 diet, which leaves your personal taste and instinct as much freedom as possible. This ultimately leads to a successful and salutary change in eating habits in the long term. However, the central element is and remains the activation of autophagy, which we can nowadays call probably the most important “detoxification and purification mechanism” of the cell. Take a minute to learn more about this ingenious mechanism in the following video.

It has proven to be very useful for your first appointment to bring a food diary, in which you briefly list over a week, what, when and in what form (raw, cooked, etc.) you have eaten and drunk. If you have any physical ailments associated with food intake, record when they occurred.