Speaker: Dr. med. Gabriel Stux (President of the German Acupuncture Society)

“Stress leads to overload of life functions due to overstimulation. The life energy is disturbed in its harmonious flow. Nervousness, inner restlessness or sleep disturbances are signs of stress but also symptoms such as fatigue and exhaustion of the vital forces occur. Internal organs and their functions are weakened.

The life energy is the vitality we live, our daily life force, Qi of Chinese medicine, Prana of Indian medicine. This life force Qi is the basis of all life. It forms the basis of the Chinese description of nature. The Qi is everywhere in nature, is the life force, which manifests itself in all living in the form of change and movement. Qi is life, as the breath is constantly on the move, flowing, producing change. The life energy Qi and the blood flow together, in an intimate dependence.

According to Chinese medicine, the life energy Qi comes from the breath and from the food. The exchange of life energy is at the heart of human relationships. The Chinese ideas of Qi go far beyond the Western physical energy concept. At the heart of Chinese notions of healthy living is the care of vitality.”